Sunday, 29 March 2009

Free stuff

We've been having a lot of visitors this weekend, both to the main Mirabilis site and this blog - no doubt all pointed our way by the notice in the final DFC.

Some of the other DFC strips are finishing their run
online. Seeing as we left Estelle falling out of a train window a hundred feet off the ground, obviously we're going to have to stick up the next couple of episodes. You know, just enough to get her or Jack into another sticky situation.

But what else? We had planned to put all the earlier episodes online. So that would be a total of 70 pages of comic content. I believe the way to build an audience (or do I mean readership?) these days is to give 'em a bunch of free stuff and then ask who'd like to buy more.
Neil Gaiman thinks so and so do Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield with Freakangels.

Those earlier episodes aren't going up just yet because we have a publishing contract with Random House and so we need to square it with them first. But if you want to find out if Estelle got out of the cockadoodie train, take a look at the site next weekend and we should have at least the next two episodes ready by then.

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