Friday, 20 March 2009

Only connect!

As Roz has been talking about her new writing tips site all week, I've been analyzing my craft a little more than usual.

Today musing on all the techniques you can use to make readers care about a character. You can show the character:

  • being resourceful
  • being brave
  • being clever (not the same as merely resourceful btw)
  • doing a good deed ("save the cat")
  • being unfairly treated (“kill the cat”)
  • standing up against unfairness or injustice
  • doing something we can relate to – especially if funny, but can be as simple as cleaning teeth, having breakfast, if made into an interesting “bit of business”
  • being in a relationship we can connect with
  • in a situation we recognize – hot/cold, needing a pee, late for a meeting, etc.
  • being interesting – this is how an audaciously badly-behaved, rude or even evil character can be made very compelling: what will they do next?

…& what DOESN'T work:

Making them
merely strong or lucky. (Although boys of a certain age do grok power fantasies.)

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