Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hang onto your hats

As a late midsummer treat, here's a picture by the fabulously talented Mr McKenna showing what a day out on the south coast looks like now that Brighton's showmen have got hold of a few more-or-less tame dragons. (Eagle-eyed fans of Graphicly or Comics+ will recognize this as the full spread from which comes the cover of Mirabilis #3.)

Martin's still at work on his hush-hush project, which is shaping up to be something truly amazing. We'll bring you news or a sneak peek as soon as he'll allow. And of course we hope to get some more Mirabilis cover art from him before too long, as Leo, Nikos and I are already well into the Spring book that will comprise issues 9 through 13.

And just in case you were starting to doubt that fact is stranger than fiction, take a look at
Magnus Volk's Electric Overland and Submarine Railway, which began running up and down the Brighton seafront in 1883. In the real-life 1883, that is. Volk took it all the way out to Rottingdean, by way of the sea, in 1896. And he didn't have a magical green comet to back him, either - it was all pure, unassisted British eccentricity. God save Queen Titania!

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