Sunday, 3 January 2010

What the butler saw

Peter Richardson of Cloud 109 was saying only last year how Leo's panels work amazingly well when blown up to cover size. This one is taken from a page using the classic 3x3 grid, yet Leo has managed to fit in the finely-observed detail and dramatic composition that marks out the best cover art. I just couldn't bring myself to splash an episode title all over such a perfect little gem of a pic.


  1. Love this artwork - these are working so well just in terms of being little teasers - my Mirabilis anticipation levels are bubbling away nicely now.

    Also brings back happy memories of a brilliantly silly recent Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show; "Murder Most Fouled up" only it's the butler that get's done in. Brilliant lines such as "I don't care if you are the Chief Dunstable of Whitstable, I'm taking over this investigation!".

  2. This one works especially well - I love the plaid slippers! (Just like the pair I imagine Count Arthur Strong wearing around the house, heh.)