Sunday, 2 May 2010

The original and genuine

And here, by popular request (well, actually nobody but Peter Richardson of Cloud 109 fame actually asked, but that makes it unanimous) is a snapshot taking you from pencils to finished art of a scene from Mirabilis episode 1.

Keep tuning in. At a panel a day, we will get the whole book up online by 1st May 2013. Oh, and I almost forgot, but notice how those uniforms changed between pencils and inks? That followed an intense concepting weekend in which Leo and Martin got together to really define the look of the main characters.

And you know, again I have to say I'm utterly in awe of what Leo and Nikos pull off. Separately, artists of exceptional talent; together, the best team in comics.


  1. So exciting this Dave and many thanks for making it happen. Getting an insider's glimpse into the creative process is such an enriching experience and when it comes to Mirabilis and seeing the way that two erstwhile opposites in terms of their art interact so brilliantly is just fascinating.

    Really interesting to see how Leo leaves his pencils really spare and how confidently he just drops in those solid blacks.

    And as ever Nikos coloring just adds that extra touch of atmosphere - you don't need to read the second's comment on the weather to realize that it's bloody free ... free ... freezing out there, the chill lifts right off the page as you gaze at the image

  2. This is fantastic. I really hope you decide to post a few more pencil-to-final stages. Consider it a unanimity of two! :)