Thursday, 17 June 2010

L'Age de Pierre

Amazon lists the Editions Soleil version of Mezolith as coming out any day now. If you're reading this in France, go buy it here. I don't need to reprise my previous post, I think - and my French really isn't up to it anyway. Suffice it to say that if any British graphic novel deserves to sell the kind of numbers that the top BD albums achieve, it's this consummate masterwork by Messrs Haggarty and Brockbank. Bonne réussite, mes amis.


  1. Wow!!!

    I think I actually prefer this cover to the UK edition and that was pretty amazing as it was.

    Just noticed the figures in the clouds too - a really lovely touch.

    A truly brilliant piece of work by both Ben and Adam.

  2. It's a lovely cover, isn't it, Peter. Certainly less cluttered in terms of text and publisher logos (those French art directors know their onions) but I can't make up my mind which of Adam's illustrations is best. They both express the idea of the story in different ways. Guess I'll have to buy both. (Darn - they did a Marvel :)

  3. Btw I like that Adam got Bee in there too, did you notice?

  4. Ulp - no but I have now!

    Cute little crittur.