Saturday, 1 January 2011

It all starts here

Mirabilis has been in the App Store a little over 2 weeks now, and in that time we hit #12 in the UK books chart, #24 in France, and #74 in the US. Not a bad start to 2011. In a few weeks we'll have news of the iPhone version, and some other digital platforms too, along with more details of when readers in the UK and Eire can get their hands on those gorgeous Print Media hardback editions.

Stateside and Canada, you can get the trade paperback already: Mirabilis: Winter volume one from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble and volume two will be on sale before the end of January. There's never been a better time to make it a Year of Wonders.


  1. That Martin McKenna image is just A-May-Zing!!!
    Perspective, lighting, drama it has it all.
    Great start to 2011 guys!

  2. Martin's a talented fella and no mistake. Thanks, Peter - looking forward to seeing Cloud 109 book one in 2011 too, so it should be a fabulous year. I'm just glad to have got the iPad app launched and the hardback deal sorted so that I can now get on with writing Mirabilis season two!