Friday, 21 January 2011

Kindle users - here's your MOBI comic book!

After the app and epub versions, of course the Kindle had to be next on our list. So here is the first issue of Mirabilis in MOBI format. Creating this version meant chopping the pages of issue #1 into two hundred separate images (one panel per page in most cases) and then converting them to grayscale and crunching them down to a size the device can handle. Yet, as the picture above shows, the spark of genius in Leo's, Martin's and Nikos's work still shines through.

If you've got a device with a Kindle emulator and a color screen, you'll probably opt for the three full-color mini-episodes: "Stung!", "The Door in the Water" and "The Wrong Side of Bedlam". Just one thing... don't read those using the iPad's Kindle app, will you? You can get the exact same content in our bespoke Mirabilis free comic book app and there it's presented in zoomable, swipable comic pages the way it's meant to look.

A caveat: I don't own a Kindle, so I only know that this version works in Amazon's online emulator. And I'd still recommend viewing the comic in all its glory, either in its jaw-droppingly amazing App Store incarnation (where you can buy all 8 issues) or at the very least take a look at issue #1 as a full-color ebook. And if you do read at it on the Kindle and spot a problem, please let me know so I can fix it!


  1. This is amazing, as you know I've been raving over the Mirabilis palette in all it's iridescent glory for ages, but dammit, the monochrome version looks absolutely captivating as well.

    And the story remains just as compelling however the images are rendered.

    Lovely stuff!

  2. Thank you for that boost of confidence, Peter. I was worried that I might be committing some act of appalling vandalism on Nikos's spectacular color work - and all for the sake of shaving a measly 3 MB off the full-color EPUB version. And yet such is Nikos's genius that his artistry still shines through even in monochrome.