Thursday, 26 May 2011

People of quality do not queue

As we crack on with the opening installments of Mirabilis season two, here's a look back to "Outside Looking In", the episode that appeared in the last issue of Random House's UK anthology comic, The DFC.

British kids' comics fans will be well aware by now that The DFC is returning - well, kind of - in the form of The Phoenix. But if you missed the earlier issues of Mirabilis, you now have plenty of options for catching up. We've got the trade paperback here, the multi-platform version here, our new and improved Mirabilis iPad comics reader here, and any day now we'll be launching the whole of season one on iVerse Media's top-selling Comics+ app.

UK readers may want to hang on just another couple of weeks, though, as I'm reliably informed that the hardback edition from Print Media Productions has finally cleared UK customs and should be on sale very soon. And a thing of beauty it is too, so worth waiting for.

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  1. Is there a hardback edition for North America? Or do I have to order it from the UK?