Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hardback sighted on Ebay

Leo here! Dave's away in France for a well earned break after writing the new issues #9 and #10 of Mirabilis for the Spring book. Here's a photo of the new splendid Mirabilis hardback (with a bit of a frame from issue #9 on my computer behind). I know there are those of you desperate to get your hands on it, and now you can.

Our publisher has been having dreadful trouble getting the copies from their print works in Bosnia to their base in Lancaster, England. Now a few advance copies have arrived and John Freeman, (our editor and proprietor of the Down the Tubes comic news blog) has made them available on Ebay as "buy it now", fixed price, while the usual distribution channels to Amazon and bookshops are put in place.

So, for you early birds, be the first to own Mirabilis in your town! Buy on Ebay Now!


  1. Are these new books or second hand?

  2. Yes, Jayz, they are hot off the presses, as Leo says. However, let me add that unless you are absolutely desperate for your copy (eg as a birthday present) we'd rather you waited till the book is on Amazon.

    It may seem strange to have authors asking would-be readers to wait to buy a book, but here's why... A book's success depends on making a splash. That's why books have an official publication date - because selling 10 copies a day has no effect on the book's profile, whereas selling 100 on the day of release shoots it up the charts and that can make all the difference.

    Also, I'd like to ask readers who enjoy Mirabilis to give us a rating ( or better still a review). Obviously you can't do that on eBay, so it's another reason why we'd much rather you waited until it's on Amazon. I don't know when that will be - soon, we hope! But in the meantime, if you already read Mirabilis, either via the iPad app,, Comics+ or even eBay, you can give us a review of the tpb edition on - and very much appreciated, too!