Monday, 12 November 2012

The marvellous, the mysterious and the spiritually peculiar

I'm just back from a week in Cornwall where Roz and I stayed in the Egyptian House, the first of many Landmark Trust properties that we've visited over the last 18 years.

Among many nice surprises, my greatest delight came in discovering that Harris's restaurant on New Street is still there. Normally if I like a meal the place is doomed to shut down inside a week, but the distance between London and Penzance must have attenuated the hex power. This time we both had the lobster - sweet and succulent, as fine a dining experience as you will find anywhere in England, so if you are looking for an reason to go to Penzance, there's one right there.

It was disappointing to miss the Ogden Sisters, latest incarnation of Trifle Gathering Productions, whose performance of "A Curious Evening of Trance and Rap" was scheduled for a few days after we left. Yes, I said trance and rap. Think black lace and ectoplasm, not the KLF and Dr Dre. I mention it here because of the recent posts about "Ghostly Goings-On". If you're in Penzance on Thursday, the show is at the Acorn Arts Centre and starts at 8pm. And when you come out there'll be time to nip around the corner to Harris's for a bite - with a glance down the street at the Egyptian House on your way.