Thursday, 16 April 2009

Jack the lad

A couple of early drawings of Jack. The original design from the dummy issue of the DFC in 2006 had him in pre-WW1 army uniform and he ended up looking quite young and podgy. When we knew we had a green light (yeah yeah...) Leo and Martin worked together to come up with the more heroic look you see here.

The key thing was to give him a dashing hussars-type uniform - just the ticket for a young hero. His regiment btw is the same one that Coleridge briefly enlisted in: the 15th (Elliott's) Royal Dragoons.

I like the strikingly heroic poster image that Leo drew of him, although I don't think it will end up being an actual scene from the story because the giant lion is a touch too Narnia. But we do plan to have him astride a flying something before too long. Wait and see.

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