Saturday, 4 April 2009

New Mirabilis episodes!

Leo and I just put up episodes 11 and 12 on the main Mirabilis site. This brings us up to "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" which introduces Inspector Primo Simeon (of whom, more later) and his loyal, long-suffering sidekick, Officer Caitou.

The story at this point has almost reached the end of Chapter 3 (of six) in the Winter book. Ideally we're going to have episodes 1 to 13 all available to read online before too long, though that's something we will need to agree with David Fickling and Random House. (Is it a good idea effectively to give away half of your graphic novel for reading online? Some current thinking would say it is.)

There's also the pilot episode ("Stung!") which you can read in French thanks to the aforementioned Rev Fitzroy Hallpike, expert on Babel, and the very wonderful Mikael Louys who has sent a polish of the translated script.

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