Friday, 10 April 2009

One lump or two?

A little bit of Mirabilis magic for Good Friday: here's Pan taking tea with the vicar.

Actually it's still a bit early in the year for fantasy and everyday life to be quite as intertwined as this. By April the vicar would be torn between admitting dryads into his congregation and trying to get them to dress more decorously in church. But it's going to be May or June before you're likely to get pagan gods turning up for afternoon tea. The Royal Mythological Society's notes & queries give a pretty good idea of how things are changing as the green comet gets bigger in the sky.

This picture (by Martin, not Leo) was originally intended for the Gazetteer. Unfortunately very few of the pictures that were planned for that were ever completed - if we were to release it we'd have to call it the Pamphlet of Wonders. Oh well, you're going to get four thumping great Mirabilis graphic novels instead. Not a bad trade-off!

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