Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Returning to our roots

Because there was a dearth of news on the graphic novels for a few months after the demise of The DFC, we got into the habit of doing occasional posts that were fairly peripheral to the main Mirabilis project. (Hey, had to fill the gap somehow.)

That's going to change now that Random House are firming up UK publishing dates for Winter - not to mention other goodies like the iPhone release and further books. We should be able to start bringing you much more focused features on the Year of Wonders from now on - and maybe some sneak peeks too.

So... all of the foregoing is a long-winded way of pointing out that we're stripping the site back to items that directly relate either to Mirabilis itself, to our creative process, or (in exceptional cases) to other projects that Leo and I have dreamt up over the years and might work up in the future. We've got lots of scoops coming up, all laced with green comety goodness, so stay tuned.

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