Tuesday, 11 January 2011

US trade paperbacks on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

No need to fight, there are plenty of copies to go round. I'm talking about the long-awaited Mirabilis trade paperbacks, two fabulous volumes each with 112 pages of thrills, spills, wonder and chills.

Mirabilis: Winter volume 1: There's a green comet in the sky and things are getting strange. Every day, fantasy and reality are getting harder to tell apart. Witches in bottles, warmongering cabbages from the planet Pluto, and a pterandon roosting on the Eiffel Tower. Or is it a pterodactyl?

Jack Ember is caught between two very unreliable mentors. Talisin is a two-thousand year old wizard or an escaped madman - or possibly both. The Kind Gentleman is the sort of fairy godfather who'll grant you three wishes you can't refuse. Both of them have plans for Jack, who's spent his life dreaming of adventure and now is about to get rather more of it than he bargained for.

On sale on Amazon for only $19.99. Or get it from Barnes & Noble here.

And the action continues in Mirabilis: Winter volume 2: The green comet looms closer and the boundaries of reality are starting to crumble. Plant monsters, chess-playing robots, warrior saints and undersea kingdoms. And still the year has hardly begun.

Jack finds the odds against him piling up. He needs help. But who can he trust? Surrounded by fickle friends and obliging enemies, it's time to make some hard choices.

You can buy it on Amazon here. So that's a total of 224 pages of wild 'n weird green comet goodness. And for UK and Irish fans there's an even bigger treat coming up, as in just a few months you'll be able to buy the album-sized hardback editions.

Meanwhile, Leo and Nikos and I are cracking straight on with the next season, Mirabilis: Spring, the first volume of which we should have ready before the year is out. Year of wonders? Oh yes.

And in other news: we learned late last night that the Mirabilis iPad app has shot in at #7 on "What's Hot!" in App Store books.
So if you've got an iPad you can get all of Mirabilis: Winter and the Royal Mythological Society letters pages as a bonus feature. Enjoy!


  1. Great! Definitely on my "Need To Get Now!" list! Thanks!

  2. Hope you like it! I just found out that the sneak peek at Mirabilis chapter 1 is the second most-viewed item on BookBuzzr this week. In the world. And it is the #1 most-viewed in BookBuzzr comics. Phew, I need to have a lie down :)