Saturday, 18 April 2009

Horse de combat

Having had a centaur rear up, so to speak, on the RMS Notes and Queries page, this seems like a good time to show off a couple of pics of the beasties by Leo and Martin.

Why the military angle? Here's the snippet from the Gazetteer:
"Thank heavens for these centaurs we were issued with in the spring," said the brigade's commanding officer today. "They're the bee's knees, I can tell you. Much nippier than our horses used to be. Which is just as well when some damned fool tells you to charge a Russian artillery emplacement. Er, don’t print that."
That's one of our fake news reports, obviously. And why is the Crimean War going on when the setting is supposed to be 1901? Fantasy, you see. The unreal. Breakdown in the natural fabric of things. Logic has gone on holiday and didn't leave a forwarding address. Trust me, it all gets stranger and stranger from here on.

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