Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Max pain

Two guys who created a property that we'll just call Mira--- have been trying to get back control of it. Sadly their offer was turned down and now negotiations are back in the corporate glue from which nothing escapes. Our hearts go out to the Weinstein bothers and you can read the full story here. Don't ever let 'em grind you down, boys.


  1. Wow, I can't believe some of the comments on that article - they mainly focused on the fact that the Weinsteins are Jewish!

    I want to thank everyone who posts here for providing interesting and enlightened discussion, instead of the hate-encrusted garbage that usually fills a comment section. You guys help maintain my faith in the world.

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  3. A lot of people in the business seem to hate the Weinsteins, but as far as I can see that's because they are (1) independent and (2) successful. I'm sure they wouldn't claim to be saints, but at least they're getting out there and making things happen - unlike many of the suits who hang around the studios avoiding any important decisions for fear of being fired. And I have no idea why the article makes a big deal of them being Jewish - so they are, and proud of it too I have no doubt!

  4. Lumme Dave! I thought you were referring to another Mira - still keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

    Seriously alarming comments with reference to the Weinsteins link - chilling reminder that this kind of intolerance is never that far from the surface of what we all like to think is a civilised and educated society.

    We've evidently got a way to go yet.

  5. Yes, Peter. It's a complete mystery to me why people latch onto a concept like "race". Really these are no more than family characteristics in the single race: humanity. You would think people would celebrate the rich diversity of mankind rather than griping about trivia like a person's religion, gender orientation or skin color.

    I was appalled by some of the remarks that were made after Barack Obama got elected. There were idiots banging on about his skin color as if that made any difference, when it was pretty clear he's the best president the US have had in 30 years. Hell, George W was hardly an advertisement for white supremacy, was he? :-)

    Now, if those angry comments aimed at the Weinsteins had been about breaking the stranglehold that *marketing types* have on Hollywood, that I could understand.