Friday, 20 March 2009


I don't normally give interviews. Not in a Greta Garbo kind of way (slaps hand to forehead, gasps, sinks into armchair) but simply because I think work should speak for itself and authorial intention is irrelevant. Entertaining in its own right, okay; but still irrelevant.

Take Bruce Robinson on Withnail & I:

"I think if there was even the remotist hint of [homosexuality] in [Withnail's relation with Marwood] there would have been the remotist hint of it in my relationship with Viv [MacKerrell] and there wasn't."
Now Bruce Robinson is a true genius. He writes beautifully and his movies are like nobody else's. But I like the interpretation of that last scene in Withnail that implies an unrequited love, and I don't care what Robinson says. Maybe he can't see it. After all he is only the author.

Anyway, I did in the end give an interview to Efrem Orizzonte because his questions were really good and I figured people would enjoy reading them even if the answers I gave weren't much cop. So you can read that interview here - it's mostly about gamebooks and fantasy role-playing games like Dragon Warriors but there's also some stuff about Mirabilis.

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