Wednesday, 1 April 2009


... that's not a wrestling manoeuvre, it's the weekend when Leo and I set the seal on another batch of episodes. Still thinking in episodes, you see, even now the DFC has gone.

We lock down 5 episodes - I mean 25 pages - using Serif PagePlus for the final layout. It's also an opportunity to declutter the website, talk about the next part of the story, watch a few inspirational movies on Leo's huge screen, play a couple of games of Age of Empires with my godson Inigo, and maybe stroll over the field for a pint or two at the Globe.

With luck we might also make some progress on the Mirabilis collectible card game, which will be there on the site free to one and all as soon as we're happy with the way it plays.

This weekend we're finishing off pages 76-100, ie episodes 15-19, and Leo is well into the artwork on pages 101-128 while I am writing pages 150-160 at the moment. The Winter book wraps up after 160 pages, so... we're getting there.

When will you be able to see all this? We have no idea. The rights are still tied up with the company that originally published the first 55 pages in weekly comic format. But we can promise that when we know, you'll know.

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