Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Step on it, Dad

A few months ago, I mentioned the Mirabilis stories we planned for UK newspaper The Guardian. Those are all written and the first of them, "Wrong Turning", has been pencilled by Martin.

It's very much in the (jugular) vein of a Warren horror story. A father and son are forced off the main road and find themselves taking a detour via "the undiscover'd country". Okay, the story is a little less cautionary and a tad more uplifting than the sort that Uncle Creepy used to tell, but the art style is eerily reminiscent of the great Reed Crandall. Only even better.

Don't expect this any time soon, but we will try and get it ready for Halloween. And it and the other stories will appear in the Mirabilis gazetteer sometime in - oh, I dunno. When we've finished the Jack and Estelle story. So not till 2011, probably. Meanwhile, there's plenty of McKenna eldritch brilliance as usual over on his site.

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