Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hiss clank whirr

I have said before that Mirabilis is not steampunk. Not least because 1901 isn't really the Age of Steam any longer, but also because steampunk has kind of been done to death. I don't think we'd have had much to add to it. (A steampunk story set in the late 1700s, on the other hand - that could be interesting.)
Having said that, Mirabilis is the story of our world when all of fantasy - everything that the human mind has ever dreamed of - gets poured into the vessel of reality. And steampunk is undeniably part of fantasy, so it wouldn't be right if a few of those tropes didn't get a look in.

Anyway, we love airships and robots and big clanking machines just like anybody else. All we need is an excuse...

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