Friday, 18 September 2009

Jane Espenson on comics

Mentioning Jane Espenson yesterday sent me back to her blog, which I should look at more often because it's packed with inspiration and creative wisdom. She's not posting much at the moment, and I have mixed feelings about that because obviously it's nice to have a Hippocrene spring* of ideas** from the mind of one of today's top scriptwriters, but if it means she has more time to work on new TV projects then who can complain?

Recently (okay, a year ago) she did a post on
writing for comics:

"I try to carve my story up into roughly page-sized pieces. I will find out during the writing process (every darn time) that I've overestimated the content of each page and I'll have to simplify the story."

That certainly rings a bell, I can tell you. I can tackle today's work knowing I'm in distinguished company.

*You probably spotted that this is a tautology.
**And so is this.


  1. just found this page because I remembered "Fabled Lands" from my childhood and had to read up if it was completed, sadly not :(
    Maybe after Mirabilis :D

  2. Jamie is currently working at Lionhead Studios writing the dialogue for, not Fabled Lands, but Fable 3. But maybe after that..?