Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The last page

Here's a detail from the very final panel of Mirabilis. (That's the Sea of Marmara but, as you can see, the picture doesn't give anything away about how the story ends.) We've got nearly 200 pages and about two years of work behind us on this one, so I reckon we deserve an afternoon off. Read more on the Super Comics Adventure Squad site.

Unfortunately you can't get hold of the story anywhere yet - apart from the early online episodes, that is. Ideally I'd like to get the first five chapters (roughly equivalent to twenty-two of the old DFC episodes) out in electronic form. That's about half the book and, since our biggest problem is obscurity, it would be worth giving away to get the widest readership possible. (Just like music: ensure your tracks have the widest possible distribution and you'll make money on the concerts. In this analogy the printed book is the equivalent of the concert, of course.)

Anyway, we can't do it that way with Mirabilis but it is how we'll be releasing Sweet. The first 20 pages of that are all written so as soon as Leo's Wacom tablet has cooled down we'll be getting the art under way. This one will be released episodically so we can build an audience. It only took us two years to learn how to do it right!

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