Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Talking of fight scenes: when we ran our Silver Age mock-up covers around Christmas, one glaring oversight was not showing you the whole fabulous Charge of the Centaur Brigade picture used to illustrate"Boom - like that!" Well, here it is. A shame that it never got the full color treatment it deserved, but c'est la guerre... (No, we didn't go to Angoulême this year, but I guess we've got it on the brain.)

If you appreciate Mr McKenna's masterful artwork (who doesn't?) but somehow managed to miss his story of death, parenthood and early motor cars, you can still read it right here.


  1. It's really good to see this in all it's magisterial glory. The sense of dynamics and perspective really sweeps you right into the action and McKenna's draftsmanship and knowledge of equine anatomy is seriously impressive.

  2. Martin is a genius, there's no doubt about it. I only hope that one day we can get all these pictures finished - in some form, if not as Mirabilis itself.