Monday, 7 June 2010

"For heaven's sake shut that window!"

We certainly don't need much of an excuse to plug the brilliant and always enlightening comics blog Cloud 109. But this week it's essential reading for Mirabilis enthusiasts because Peter Richardson is running a complete Adèle Blanc-Sec story by Jacques Tardi. A pterodactyl terrorizes Edwardian Paris - you can see why that's right up our rue. There's the link - and if you're not familiar with Tardi's work, you're in for a real treat.

There's a Mirus Comics no-prize for the first person to identify who is being quoted in the heading of this post. Hint: John Rhys-Davies would be ideal casting.


  1. Would that be Professor Challenger?

    If you could get the Pterodactyl to deliver the no-prize it will get here quicker than by Royal Mail...thanks!

  2. Now I'm in a quandry, Norman, because Phil Rushton also got the right answer, but he said it on the Cloud 109 blog rather than here. Still, I shouldn't be stingy - you *both* get a no-prize. But you get the gold one because your blog has Daleks on it today, that's always worth extra in my book!