Thursday, 3 November 2011

The UK comics resurgence

Strip Magazine is here! The distribution snafus that bedevilled the scheduled launch last month are now all fixed, and you should be seeing it in your local comics store - and indeed on iTunes. All the details are over on the Print Media blog, but just before you scoot over there, let me mention the luscious mega-sized free Mirabilis poster and, if that's not enough to tempt you, how about awesome strips by P J Holden, John Ridgway, Michael Penick, John McCrea and other stellar names from the comics firmament. This is the kind of comic I loved as a kid - and nowadays too, come to that. Don't miss it.


  1. Hey Dave, I've hunted high and low but my iPad won't display the poster :-)

    P.S. Despite your first thoughts on the electronic medium and Mirabilis I went for the hardback as it's easier to share than an iPad app! I am now slavvering for the second instalment

  2. I got it today - it's great!

  3. Hi Norman - I know, there I was all "iPad is the future, print is dead" and then I saw the Mirabilis hardbacks and they are things of beauty, are they not? :) Book 2 should be along in just a few weeks.