Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring is in the air...

It being the spring equinox today - surely cause for celebration in anybody's calendar, if you're not still hung over from yesterday's blog birthday - we thought we'd mark the occasion by putting up reminders of some projects of our own that we own and control. Most of these you can buy in shops or online or both.

To begin with we've got the Dragon Warriors Bestiary, one of the books in the totally rejuvenated and lavishly presented series from Magnum Opus Press. You can read more about things like that on the Fabled Lands blog. The painting is by the great Jon Hodgson, the Frazetta of his generation.

And then there's Frankenstein's Legions, illustrated beautifully (if that's the right word) by Martin, undisputed master of the macabre. His eldritch aura masks a very nice chap who's a demon with a cocktail shaker, and though his postman runs in fear from the dark portal of his manse, his dog loves him. You can't actually buy FL itself yet, but Martin has some gorgeous colour prints on offer.

The stunning comic book art here is by Nikos, our own Greek God of Visual Brilliance. This book is The Replica, with script by sci-fi author Michel Manolios. (I don't know him, but any mate of Nikos's is a mate of ours.)

And last but very definitely not least, this gorgeous howitzer, which is one of the super card models you can buy direct from Leo's Fantasy Cutouts site. Come on, this is what blokes of all ages live for. Get out your glue pots and start uber-geeking!

So, that's what's occupying us all individually. Such unbridled talent, we should really get together and work on a joint project. Oh, wait a minute - we already did.


  1. Really fabulous work you've posted here Dave, and never having come across Jon Hodgson's work before (where have I been?!), I've just checked out his website - some really tasty paintings - look organic but I suspect digital dexterity is coming into play too.

    Definitely think a pooling of talents is the way forward - we just need to find ourselves a Bill Gaines or even a James Warren.

    But heck no - let's do it ourselves!

  2. I like your thinking, Peter. A Warren Publishing for the digital era could be entirely owned and run by the creatives themselves - what a concept!