Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The last DFC

It's the final issue of the DFC on Friday. Wanting to mark it somehow, just off the top of my head here are some favourite moments:

Robot Girl by
John Aggs: "How many giant robots can the girl have?" Quite a lot as it happens... (#8).

Frontier by Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman: "What in tarnation is it?" The wheat field coming to life in #31.

Mo-Bot High by Neill Cameron: "Honestly. Kids." Our first look inside the janitors' room (#9).

Monkey Nuts by the Etherington Brothers... Well, there were so many great, funny, dramatic moments but the corker has to be the jaw-dropping two-page spread from #21. WhooooSHOOOM!

Mezolith by Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank: everything from the first teaser in #12 (should have been just that amazing image & logo and nothing else on the page imo) to Poika finding the handprints in the cave (#36). Special mention though for Talja's meeting with the giantess (#24) which is indelibly etched onto my memory.

And this marvellous scene from The Spider Moon by Kate Brown:
Shopkeeper: "Yes. Now don't break this one."
Bekka: "YES!"
Shopkeeper: "You mean no."
Bekka: "NO!"

What a lovely introduction to an engagingly boisterous character - a masterclass in comic storytelling in three or four panels. I saw that scene in the PR leaflet btw but don't remember it appearing in the comic (?).

There's been lots of other fantastic stuff. Such a lot of great talent came together in the DFC. Foolish to even try to pick any faves, really.

Biggest regrets:

  • That we didn't get to see Iain McCaig's bonkers and brilliant Dinosaur & Wolf after the dummy issue.
  • That we never got to see Garen Ewing's Nazaleod strip. Hoping for an early book release for that one.

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  1. What a lovely post - and thank you for the mention too.