Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The lowdown on Sweet

Leo and I were talkling more about our "rom-comic" idea today and we're getting amped about it to the extent that we're going to take a trip to Brighton, where the story is set, to charge up on the local vibe. Not that we don't both know Brighton very well indeed. Leo lived there for years, I used to be a regular customer at the Rodeo Steak Bar throughout the summer vac, always ordering the J.R. Texas Special (the name dates it) which was a 14oz steak, fries and two fried eggs with onion rings and a salad. Mmm... if only I had a Tardis.

Anyway, we need a working title for this thing. I can't use its actual title because that would be a total giveaway. Like My Best Friend's Wedding or Knocked Up, it does exactly what it says on the tin. So for now we're going to be calling it Sweet. That's not the real title, just a placeholder. So we're clear on that.

I don't know if we'll change the name of the blog. We'll still be talking about Mirabilis, of course, but I anticipate we'll be putting more emphasis on Sweet as we develop it - and then other projects after that. We could keep the name for historical reasons, of course, the way that - oh, say, the way that Dickens kept the title Master Humphrey's Clock long after his eponymous narrator had dropped out of the story. (Hmm, I think I still haven't quite got the hang of these Whedonesque pop culture references.)

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