Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sweet concept art

It's very early days yet, but here's some concept art for Sweet, our rom-com graphic novel. I just wrote the final art and color notes for Mirabilis so, although it'll still be a month or so before we can put that to bed, my writing time is pretty much freed up over the next few weeks to start sketching out a story structure for the new project.

Unlike Mirabilis, we're going to get Sweet onto iPhone as soon as possible (probably while we're still writing it) so you may even see episodes of that a while before Jack and Estelle and co finally appear in print.


  1. Looks intriguing - have you decided on a visual style yet for the ink and colour?

  2. There was some discussion about doing it in black and white to begin with. That would be purely to save money, not for aesthetic reasons. (Who would make a b&w rom-com movie these days? Please nobody mention Angel-A.)

    But b&w could be self-defeating - I don't see a b&w comic selling a lot of iPhone downloads, for example, and we need those channels for the early cashflow.

    Argh - how anoying that any discussion like this quickly has to turn to the financials instead of creative considerations!

  3. I definitely agree that if iPhone is going to be a major delivery format then it must be in colour. They have a lovely screen, you should make the most of it.