Monday, 21 December 2009

All in color for a dime!

I had such childish - or at any rate, childlike - fun mocking up a Silver Age-style Mirabilis comic book cover that I decided I'd do a few more and post them up over Christmas. They're all scenes either from the first graphic novel or from Martin's pictures for the gazetteer.

This one is dedicated to Mikael Louys, who helped us out with the French translation of "Stung!" (here if you still haven't seen it) and is head honcho of brilliant iPhone games company Megara Entertainment. If you hurry, there's still time to grab Megara's acclaimed Lovecraftian mystery adventure Arcana Agency in time for Cthulhumas.

More mighty Mirabilis cover madness tomorrow. Now - charge those guns.


  1. I can just imagine these stunning covers on one of those creaking Thorpe and Porter spinner racks - heady stuff Dave!

  2. Can't wait to see more of these. Am happily daydreaming about the parallel-but-slightly-more-awesome universe in which they actually exist...

  3. Leo and I would've loved to print some up - as collector's items, to whet people's appetite for the books, and just because they'd be so cool to do :)

    But, all the legal entanglements... *sigh*