Friday, 4 December 2009

Let me take you by the hand...

Another nice bit of concept art from Martin, and a reminder that the world of 1901 wasn't all regimental balls, tea in Bloomsbury and a private compartment on the Orient Express. Without the squalor, poverty and injustice that infested the underside of la Belle Époque, the arrival of that green comet would betoken nothing more than an explosion of random magic. We chose two heroes from opposite ends of the social spectrum for a reason, intending to develop a serious theme alongside all the fantasy adventure. This is a world that needs changing.

However, rest assured that if you have no taste for social politics you can safely ignore that aspect of the story and concentrate instead on the plant monsters, vampires, robots, talking apes, undersea kingdoms, mad scientists, flying machines, fighting saints, genies, baby giants, pteranodons, witches, elemental spirits, 2000-year-old wizards, potions, rope tricks, murder mysteries and very bad fairies.


  1. Beautiful drawing as is Martin's character study for Estelle, really classy looking girl.

    sigh ...