Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Let's get ready to rumble

Another piece of graphical wishful thinking from the alternate timeline wherein Mirabilis was brought to you every month by Lee and Ditko - or possibly by "Rascally" Roy Thomas and "Genial" George Tuska. In my dreams, sure - but that's what the Year of Wonders is all about.

Cobbling these cover images together, I've found that the panels that have space for a title are the ones with word balloons - but those are not usually the most arresting images for a cover. Whereas the action pics, which of course make the best covers, are mostly composed to fill the entire frame. Meaning that I either have to run the title over part of the picture (as in the case of yesterday's "Once Bitten") or add some blank space as best I can. All of which is pretty obvious to you artists out there, I'm sure, but it came as an eye-opener to me.

Today's imaginary comic book cover comes from Chapter 5 of the Winter book and is dedicated to the stupendously talented Frazer Payne - artist, author, game designer, musician and overall creative genius - who, among his many other accomplishments, composed the theme for the Mirabilis trailer.

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