Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mirabilis in Japanese: "Stung!" part 2

And, following on from yesterday, here's the rest of episode one in Japanese:

Thanks again to Paul and Keiko Mason, to whom I bear a great on for all their work on the translation and formatting of this version.


  1. Wow! Can't read a word of Japanese but I just love the look of all those Japanese hieroglyphics scrolling so eleganttly down the pages.

    Looking at the first two pages on today's post makes me think how infinitely better a lot of this work looks on a computer screen. I didn't think the DFC repro was too bad but seeing these pages,there's a lot of subtle nuances that just got subsumed in printer's ink.

    Be that as it may once again really fabulous work guys.

  2. Thanks, Peter! I was getting a really close look at the individual panels while mirror-flipping them for this version, and each one really is a mini-masterpiece.

    Leo and I mocked up a copy of Book One recently on, which is pretty good quality repro (much better than most trade paperbacks) but still only about nine-tenths of the way there. It truly is on screen that you can see the art at its absolute best.