Friday, 12 February 2010

New episode today!

Jack’s on the Orient Express and Gus shows up with bags of important stuff to tell him about the green comet, the Kind Gentleman and the year ahead. But is Jack even listening? It looks like he’s too busy eavesdropping on Estelle and McNab. Oh, and trains aren’t built to fly, but try telling that to a one-year-old. Especially a one-year-old who’s as tall as a cathedral. All in “Outside Looking In” right here.

This is the last of the 10 episodes that were originally serialized in The DFC, so make the most of them while they’re still up as the publishing company that has the rights could ask us to take them down at any time. (I’m not aware that they have any plans to publish them, but who knows.) Anyway, from next week we’ll be running all-new episodes that have never been seen in print. Warm yourself up for some steam-powered fantasy action with the whole story to date here.


  1. I've cheated Dave and invested in a collector's copy of 'Winter" via Lulu - it just looks and is amazing!!!

    Really phenomenal production and something I will treasure along with the book when it eventually appears.

  2. Hope you like it, Peter. (Actually, I guess we ought to fix the link on Lulu because it was only supposed to be for our own use, not available through an open search!)

  3. That would be even cooler David, makes it even more of a unique item.

    But seriously the book's an absolute knockout, and a great testament to the combined talents of all you guys.

    I've also got the Mirabilis Calendar.

    Just need the T-Shirt.

    Coffee mug would be kinda useful.

    Getting a little bit sad now.

  4. Leo sent me a fabulous coffee mug with a wraparound picture of Jack and MacNab being attacked by carnivorous plants. We're not officially allowed to sell those either, unfortunately, but maybe Leo will leave the Photobox link lying around on the blog somewhere ;-)

  5. That wouldst be lovely Dave.

    And then it's just the Mirabilis T-Shirt, which I will rotate with Garen's Rainbow Orchid T-Shirt, The Cramps (I've got a drawer full of those) and an endless succession of Vince Ray T-Shirts.

    Actually publishers should be encouraging the early merchandising - it's free advertising - in fact it's even better than that as it's advertising that pays upfront.

    And it all adds to the buzz.