Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bald sand elf

No, Mirabilis hasn't gone all elves and dungeons, that's a page from the Fabled Lands comic written by Jamie Thomson and drawn by Russ Nicholson. To tell the truth, it's the only finished page they did, although you can read the whole comic in rough pencils as a work in progress - issue #1 and issue #2. It's based on Jamie's BBC Radio adventure serial "The Heart of Harkun" that gets repeated every couple of years. He's currently at Lionhead Studios writing the script for Fable 3, so you know to expect a high standard.

If high fantasy action is your thing, you might want to check out the Fabled Lands blog, which has updates about stuff like the upcoming iPhone game, the FL boardgame and so on. Make sure to stock up on potions of +3 healing before you head over there. Dragons abound.

Meanwhile Mirabilis steams on into the east, with the next episode seeing Jack renew an acquaintance and finding out more about the green comet. Catch up on earlier episodes so you're ready for "Outside Looking In" tomorrow.

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