Friday, 5 March 2010

ALL NEW episode today!

Something really special today - an episode that has never appeared before anywhere. "By the Pricking of My Thumbs" we've got robots, vanishing tricks, intrigue, fairytale kingdoms and vampire gamblers. The quickness of the hand deceives the eye.


  1. Definite echoes of "The Seven Crystal Balls" in the opening sequence. This adventure has got some lovely reference points running all the way through it and the ending of this week's episode is delicious in the way that sets up yet more suspense for the reader.

    And boy! Really love the way the colors are working.

  2. Thank you, Peter. I think more than anything what we wanted Mirabilis to be was a modern (by which I mean post-Harry Potter) Tintin, so your comparison with The Seven Crystal Balls is very flattering indeed.

    I was quite pleased with how this episode turned out, after the two preceding it which, on reflection, were the weakest of the whole lot because of all the set-up I had to cram in. We were still trying to tie up Book One in 130 pages back then, because of having to fit into the weekly comic. Once we were no longer constrained by that, the job of telling the story got a whole lot easier.