Monday, 26 April 2010

Greater than the sum of the parts

Every comic artist who has commented on the finished Mirabilis pages has noticed the incredible alchemy that takes place between Leo's drawing and Nikos's coloring. Flattery is all too easy, but I can say with absolute sincerity that I don't think there is a more talented art team working in comics today, and it is my incredible luck to have these gentlemen illustrating the scenarios I come up with. Add to that the truly phenomenal covers that Martin has produced and I could want for almost nothing else. Oh, except for publication, obviously.


  1. Really beautiful work Dave, it's fascinating to see all the subtleties that Nikos adds to Leo's lovely linework.

    The silhouette of Estelle for example where he creates added atmosphere by allowing a patina of blue light to knock back what would otherwise be a solid black shape, which just adds so much depth to the scene.

    Simple but very, very effective.

  2. That was the very thing I was noticing too, Peter - the blue on the silhouette is so dramatic.

    Also, Nikos actually caught something in this scene that we had missed, which is that Estelle isn't yet in her Goth outfit because that's clearly what Gertrude is talking about in the last panel. So a deft little correction to Estelle's sleeve in the previous panel fixed it.

    Normally Leo and I are vigilant, you understand, but the continuity on that strip was sooooo hard :-)

  3. Well there is soooooooooo

    much of it.

    And it's all as great as the samples you're been teasing us with Dave.

    (I can say that with authority having been one of a lucky few to see all 200 pages of "Winter".)

  4. Glad you liked it, Peter. I can only apologize for leaving the story open-ended - but even that book, which was supposed to cover the whole of winter, in fact only took the action in the story up till the last week in January 1901!