Monday, 19 April 2010

Mirabilis: l'année des merveilles

My wife Roz, better known in blogging circles as Dirty White Candy, was at the London Book Fair today. It's actually her second LBF this year, and the last time round she was chatting to Clint Eastwood, but that's another story. Today she came home with some bits 'n' bobs of interest to me, including a nicely produced little booklet that comprises a taster menu for the best of French graphic novels. And the best of French, of course, is the best in the world. So here's a reprise of an earlier post for our cousins from across the Channel - excuse me, La Manche - and especially the ladies and gentlemen of Casterman, Gallimard, Delcourt, Soleil, Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Futuropolis, Quæ Éditions, and the rest. We could do with you guys over here in the UK. Anyway, here is the first-ever episode of Mirabilis, entitled La Piqûre! - enjoy, and we hope you have a great time in London.


  1. Reading this opening in French, reminds me of spending hours trying to decipher bande dessinee albums when I were but a lad. These pages are so strong and compelling that they hook the reader in from the get go.

    Looking forward to having both the U.K. and French editions of Mirabilis.

    Oh yes and the Japanese translation as well!

  2. I think if we'd had some BD books at school, I might not have been quite so abysmal at French. I'm trying to make up for it now!