Wednesday, 18 August 2010

And on the wireless tonight...

A short while ago, Roz and I headed over to Devon so I could work with Leo on that Apple-y project that we aren't quite ready to unveil yet. (I say Devon; it was also Somerset, because you cross the border in walking to the pub. And "apple-y" is a pun, coz that's where the pub is, ie Appley in Somerset.)

Well, as all work makes Jack a dull boy, whenever we're slogging away to a deadline like that, we of course make sure to fit in a bit of fun, beer, food, natter and computer gaming also. And on this occasion, arriving as we did on a Thursday evening, Roz and I were corralled onto the Bantering Boys radio show for some confabulatory silliness. Listen to our guest spot here and tune into 10Radio every Thursday at 9pm BST for more in the same vein.

The illustration is from a fascinating piece on this TV history site which shows a number of trading cards from Victorian times depicting the future as it was imagined back then. Rather handy for Mirabilis, eh what?


  1. Thanks, Tim. I'm wondering now whether we shouldn't try putting together a Mirabilis radio serial. I think it may be rather beyond my and Leo's acting ability, however :)