Sunday, 15 August 2010

Paper moons

Here are some photos of a bit of paper engineering that Leo did to go with the other day's mouse tale. What you're looking at is part of a fairy tree complete with little elfin actors searching for that lost ring.
The original intention was to create a book which you could hang up on the ceiling and it would then bellow out, concertina-like, to form a little model theater. Leo called the concept "squeezebox books" but the packager didn't like that name any more than they liked my story. Ah well, we had bags of fun working on it. I probably have a rosier view of it than Leo, mind, as all I wasted was the day taken to write the story. Those models, though - they demand a tad more effort.
For more marvellous paper modelling magic, grab your gluepot and scissors and zip over to Leo's Fantasy Cutouts site.

1 comment:

  1. I just love the quality of Leo's roughs. You can tell that the bulk of his concentration was on the paper engineering aspect of the exercise but his drawings have real fluidity, verve and life about them.

    Lovely stuff!