Thursday, 4 November 2010

DriveThruComics latest - and other big news

You've seen this cover before. The big difference is that it's about to be the first in an eight-issue run of real comic books. I'm talking about regular, tried-and-true printed comic books now, not e-comics - though we are also on course to have the whole of the Mirabilis: Winter graphic novel on iPad in time for Christmas.

The iPad issues will probably retail around $1.99 each, but if you haven't gone totally digital yet then you may prefer to buy the physical comic books on IndyPlanet. Those will be tagged around $4.50 each, meaning you can read the whole 200-page graphic novel for $36. At that price you have to bring your own Mylar bags. Issue 1 should be on sale in a few days.

On the other hand, if you've never been bitten by the comics collecting bug then you could hold out for the graphic novel editions. We anticipate the trade paperbacks (two comic-sized volumes) going on sale in the USA in December. Those will retail at $19.99 each. But if you live in the UK, the real treat will be massive European-album sized hardback editions due out early next year. Save up your book tokens as those should be the most gorgeous incarnation of all Mirabilis's many forms.

Oh, and we also have breaking news of serialization of the episodes in India. This has got me and Leo beside ourselves with excitement because Jack will be heading off from Britain to India in the Spring GN, so it'll be great to think of Mirabilis becoming another bridge between those two great cultures. More on that as the details firm up.

2011 is guaranteed to provide you with a format of your choice for reading Mirabilis - whether it's online, as an app, in paperback or hardback, or in the form of regular comic books. As a special offer to get you started, we've put Mirabilis #1 up online and you can get it for free on DriveThruComics. Even if you've read this opening issue already, please hit the link and give us a review as we're collecting stars.


  1. 2011 really is going to be the year of wonders! That's brilliant news. Can't wait to get my hands on those UK editions next year :)

  2. Just downloaded my introductory copy and it just looks amazing in all it's cybernetic glory. The colors pulsate with life and energy which is what the world of Mirabilis is all about. And young Jack and Estelle never looked better than they do here in cyberland.

    Both formats are great but I do have a sneaking love of the technicolor riches that the IPad version will bring.

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm looking forward to the iPad version myself, but have to say that as a lifelong comic book nut I'm also looking forward to getting my hands on the Ka-Blam editions, complete with letters pages and some pretty spectacular ads by Martin.