Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mirabilis graphic novel hits No.15 in App Store book charts - just 24 hours after release

Yesterday the Mirabilis graphic novel iPad app finally made it into the light and onto iTunes.

Mirabilis, with its beautiful, rich colours by Nikos Koutsis, looks fantastic on iPad. Was Mirabilis made for iPad, or iPad for Mirabilis? Neither, but it's a marriage made in heaven! We are really thrilled and excited to find it being downloaded so quickly. It doesn't stop there. It's also climbing the Top Grossing iPad Book charts at 125 which shows that the in-app issues for sale are selling! Dave and I are doing all the marketing ourselves so would appreciate any help you can give to spread the word. If you have an iPad (they are fab), or you know someone with one, please download Mirabilis and leave a review and some lucky stars.

You get the first 25 page issue free, with the next 7 issues, totalling a whopping 200 pages, available to buy from within the app.

And why is Leo posting here? Dave usually posts on this blog but just now he's been banished into an internet black hole by his useless ISP, so I've stepped in. Please excuse the uneducated English!


  1. Got and loving it! But why won't my review appear? Perhaps it will show up in a couple of days. Also I'm surprised that there isn't an option to buy all episodes with one click, preferably at a discount. Surely enticing people to buy all issues for £7 rather than £1.19 individually would generate greater revenues? Not that I'm a marketing specialist but from a convenience point of view it works.

  2. Absolutely, the one click buys all button, is lined up for version 1.1. We were running too close to Christmas and felt it best to get it out there. I'm delighted you are enjoying it.

  3. Really exciting news guys! Jon (Elly the Reindeer) Higham tipped me off about this before I read your blog.

    Great note to end the year on and all my best wishes for Mirabilis in 2011.

  4. I wrote a review for this on Thursday evening, but it still hasn't appeared on app store page. Has anyone else experienced this and do they know why it is so?