Friday, 28 January 2011

The green comet is getting hot!

Almost six weeks on from release of the Mirabilis iPad comics app, things are getting exciting. We've had two million impressions webwide and over two thousand hits on the Mirabilis website. Is that in the six weeks since the app was launched? Nope, would you believe in the last three days!

Meanwhile, Mirabilis is still in the Top 30 on "What's Hot" in iTunes books and in BookBuzzr's Top 10 most-read ebooks for December. The mini-episodes "Stung!", "The Door in the Water" and "The Wrong Side of Bedlam" are starting to storm up the charts in the Kindle Store. And we're gearing up for our debut in the iBookstore too.

And all of this is just the start, because in a few weeks you'll see all eight issues of Mirabilis: Winter appearing on a whole range of devices courtesy of leading digital comics platforms and iVerse Media's Comics+. So although iPad is still my personal e-reader of choice, you'll now be able to carry the Year of Wonders around on your phone too. (Shavers and TV remotes may take a little longer.)

Nor is electronic the only option. If the age of digital comics has shown us one thing, it's that all these new ways of reading are breathing a new burst of vigor into print comics and graphic novels as well. In a few weeks I'll get you the on-the-street dates for those big 'n' beautiful hardcover editions of Winter volumes one and two from Print Media Productions, and a pretty firm idea of when the first issues of Mirabilis: Spring will be hitting the App Store.

I'm writing those issues right now and it's a blast. The action leaps on a couple of months from Winter, the green comet is getting dazzlingly bright in the sky now, which means that fantasy is rife and... oh-oh, no spoilers. Let's just say that this new season starts with a bunch of stunning surprises that will put your jaw on the floor. And it all gets bigger, sexier and more wondrous from there on in.


  1. Such great news - I love that you guys are getting Mirabilis in front of people who never would have seen it otherwise. It's fantastic.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! This marketing part of the job is not, I have to admit, what Leo and I enjoy most. I would happily just create new stories all day long. But having accepted that we needed to get up on the rooftops and start shouting, it's gratifying to see lots of new readers responding to that and discovering Mirabilis for the first time. And when we hit Comics+ and in a few weeks, that'll mean potentially hundreds of times as many readers. Then I can get back into my writing cave :)