Monday, 21 March 2011

Interview on We Do Write

I've just been interviewed by Dorothy Dreyer for her We Do Write blog. If you're at all interested in the writing process, Dorothy's blog is a luxuriant oasis of insights that can easily eat up an hour or two as you have to read "just one more" author's answers to some fundamental creative questions. I don't know if I'm the first comic book writer to feature, but it's certainly flattering to be included in such august company. Thanks for the invite, Dorothy!


  1. "Pon my word Dave! That lovely illustration is from the cover of The Strand Magazine. I have happy memories of tracking down all those handsomely bound in blue and gold half yearly volumes to savor the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

    P.S. Congratulations on the interview!!!

  2. I had been wondering where it came from, Peter, so thanks for the tip! I have had two near-misses with the Strand Magazine in my life. First, when I was working in my school library, the master in charge said that the reserved stock (books no longer on display) was taking up too much space, so we librarians could take anything we liked. I stacked up the entire run of Strand Magazine bound volumes, which had been languishing in a cupboard for decades, but when he saw my choice he decided, "Anything you like - except those."

    Then, just a few years ago, I rented an Elizabethan manor house on Dartmoor with a large group of friends. We drove to the local town in search of supplies and somebody spotted a genuine old-style secondhand bookshop. But it was Saturday afternoon and the butcher was sure to close at any moment, so I dashed off in search of provisions for the evening meal. When I returned bearing a rack of beef large enough to feed all twelve of us, one of my friends was just emerging from the bookshop with bound copies of the Strand Magazine that he'd bought for £5 each. "Where did you get to?" he said. I should have let him go hungry.