Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Eyes on the road

I've had my head down the last week tweaking the various versions of the Binscombe Tales series (see previous post) which is why there's been a dearth of Mirabilis-related material lately. But the good news is that's going to be fixed in a major way very soon, as we'll be bringing you nearly two weeks' worth of daily Mirabilis strips as a trailer for the first Spring book due next year.

In the meantime, although the Binscombe Tales books don't go on sale till October, there's already a trailer for them too, in the form of a story called "Eyes" which you can view on BookBuzzr (below), or as a free EPUB here, or as a Kindle version here, or PDF here. I feel guilty for neglecting you, that must be what it is.

"Eyes" (also known as "It Has Been Said") is one of my favourite Binscombe Tales. And if it should put you in mind of a certain long-running horror movie franchise, be aware that the story was originally published by the Haunted Library over a decade before the cameras started rolling on the first in that series. And there are twenty-five other tales in the series, each with its own killer weird concept. If you like ghost stories, horror, modern fantasy and dark SF, you'll want to keep an eye out. Um, okay, maybe that's a poor choice of words, considering...

In a few days we'll be back with more news of the Mirabilis daily strip. Don't miss.

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