Friday, 8 January 2010

Drosty fat ear-boils

Today sees the first of the new episodes that will be going up every Friday on the Mirabilis website. Those nostalgic for the DFC will remember reading these almost a year ago, but we think you’ll agree that liquid crystals show it off so much better than – now what was it called? Oh yes, print.

If you haven't yet seen the earlier episodes, you will find them all here. You can even read a French version of episode one ("Stung!") here and we hope to start bringing you a Japanese translation of the story very soon. And, although it's not part of the main story, you might like our standalone ghostly yarn "A Wrong Turning" which is in PDF here and JPG version here.

This week’s new episode is “The Wrong Side of Bedlam”. You’ll meet Gus again (in the flesh this time), get a glimpse into Jack’s childhood, see our lad’s sparky reunion with the Honourable Miss Meadowvane, and find out exactly what the deal is with that pesky green comet. Ribbit.


  1. Can you just confirm that this is the beginning of the whole Mirabilis story, or should I start elsewhere? Thanks

  2. Yes indeed, if you start at episode 1 then you're coming in right at the beginning of the story.

  3. Love that opening page of "The Wrong Side...", it's really great when one's pre-conceptions are played around with just a little bit.