Monday, 11 January 2010

Mirabilis calendar

Never mind him. Today's big news is that you can get a 2010 Mirabilis calendar from right here. Enter the coupon code LOVE when ordering and you'll get 25% off until February 14, which makes it a snip at under a tenner, or around $15. (Be wary when picking your postage option as Lulu defaults to the most expensive "express delivery". You don't need that; the cheapest option will still get it to you in just a few days.)

The calendar is a whopping 13.5 x 19 inches and it's packed with gorgeous artwork by Leo, Martin and Nikos, much of it never seen before. Go on, make it a year of wonders.


  1. Ordered mine already - brilliant idea!

  2. I'm drinking my tea right now out of a Mirabilis mug that Leo designed, and we both have deluxe calendars from Photobox and Lulu-printed copies of the whole 200+ page Winter book. I'd like to sell these things, Freakangels-style, but our publisher currently controls merchandising rights. But only until 27 March 2011, so expect a deluge of Mirabilis-themed goodies after that!